Jan. 9th, 2010

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 #0. Lots of good responses from sundry folks in various venues, and not feeling isolated is, always, a big deal for me.

#1. The World of Warcraft issue includes a substantial component of gear, and I find that I'm making better progress on that than I expected. So, from the sound of it, are others, or at least they're also making progress. Not just on gear, either, but on talent points and all the rest, too. So I feel justified in hoping for better outcomes and encouraged to stick with.

#2. As for the testosterone, I've been reminded just how much attention my doctor is paying, and how sincere both he and my counselor are for improvement in my condition. I don't feel trapped with this, just wishing it weren't so plausibly desirable right now. But onward.

I found some significant encouragement too in recent comments by Julia Serano.

The mopiness is still there, but it has good neighbors in my head today.


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