Jan. 15th, 2010

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Well, the die is cast, or something like that. I've had my first testosterone shot, and learned how to do it.

First observation: prescription testosterone looks exactly like bottled shoggoth. I'm not kidding about this. It's clear, but extremely viscous - it takes a large needle to actually get the stuff out of the bottle into a syringe, and then a smaller one to inject it because using that needle would (I'm told and see no reason to argue) hurt like crazy.

Second observation: learning to inject myself wasn't nearly as bad as I expected, and I do like the idea of not needing to go to the office each time for it.

My thigh was sore around the injection area for a few hours. Duh. A cc's worth of anything into a large muscle will do that. It's already letting up now, and it's quarter to three pm, while the injection was at eleven am.

I remain profoundly sad about needing this. But wow I can use the energy, if and when it comes. Dave tells me that it'll be absorbed in two to three days and that I may or may not notice any benefit from the first shot, but that it's quite reasonable to hope for some.
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I've been playing with the developer release of Chrome for OSX, and liking it quite a lot. Having Evernote support is a huge step toward making it a primary tool for me, and I find I like things like the positioning of new tabs opened from an existing one. (Chrome pops them up next to the page you're looking at rather than the end of the list. This seems right to me.) It's light and fast, and comfortable.

But there is one Safari feature I really, really miss. In Safari, when you refresh a page, you go back to the spot you were at on that page. With most other browsers, including Chrome, refresh takes you back to the top. Now, I read a lot of blog pages with long comment threads, and the Safari way is the only one to not lose my place and make me find it again. By chance, is there a way to make Chrome do that?


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