Jan. 17th, 2010

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Disclaimer: This is not one of those medical posts. No squickiness here.

One of my long-time friends, one of the few folks I've managed to keep up with in person some lately, pointed out to me that I've been even more slumped lately than I really realized, and wondered if it might be my most recent medication. I hadn't thought so, but we sat down with our e-mail and chat logs, my calendar and journal, and miscellaneous notes...and yes, it turns out that there is a clearly documentable slump in my energy in the two weeks after I started amlodipine that's never let up. Less walking, slower weight gain, more erratic sleep, a whole bunch of stuff, including more just plain misery.

Together we boiled it down into a succinct overview and sent it to my doctor Saturday. Bless him—and I don't mean that frivolously—he sent me a reply Saturday night. He agreed there's a problem, told me to stop the amlodipine right away, and wants me to call on Monday for an appointment to review options. He may be able to see me as early as Monday afternoon. Sometime this week, anyway. 

I hope for good news soon, and in the meantime, I really appreciate every single one of you who's had words of encouragement in the last few months. You really do all make a difference. Thank you.


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