Jan. 19th, 2010

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The subject line is a quip of Mom's, along with "When she demanded 'Do you take me for a fool?', we could only murmur that Nature had come before us there." 

Anyway, went to the doctor yesterday. He agrees, on review, that there really does seem to be a problem between me and amlodipine. So I'm off that, and if I recover in a good manner while doing something else, he'll note on my chart that I have an unusual sensitivity to calcium channel blockers.

The question of what to do next is a tricky one in my case. Normally, I gather, anyone with blood pressure as ghastly as mine would also have a fast pulse needing to be settled down—90 or up, say. Mine's reliably in the mid-60s to low 70s, and reducing that much would be bad. So beta blockers are out. I'm already taking an ACE inhibitor, lisinopril, since it has the fortunate side effect of also protecting kidneys from diabetic failures. Therefore there's no point in taking either a second ACE inhibitor or an ACE receptor blocker.

So Dave's prescribed a diuretic, in the hope that reducing the fluid volume in my blood vessels will contribute to a reduction of pressure. This is apparently the thing to do next in cases like mine. And since I do have the edema problem that was going to need treatment at some point, this is a plausible course of action on multiple fronts. I'll be starting in on that today, and see how things go.
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I haven't even been on the scale today, and don't plan to. Between detoxing from one medication, starting on another, and all that stuff...my weight's up some, I think, but it's erratic and this is simply not a representative situation. I'll be back at it next week.
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Very often in fact. But it turns out that a Strange Maps post some years ago brought out the hollow Earth advocates, and it's fascinating.


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