Jan. 20th, 2010

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I moved my laser ablation surgery date. I'm just not ready for it on the 4th - I need to recover from this exhaustion and get back on track. And then they have some closed time for building renovations, and like that, but they can see me in mid-April. I asked if there were risks of degeneration or other complication from waiting, and they said no - my system's already stopped the major leakage, and this will be to prevent future episodes. Good to have that set.

I'm feeling ongoing ambivalence about WoW. But I don't have make any decisions about it, either. This is a medication adjustment week, and I can see how I feel next week, and so on.
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Signing out of a bunch of the places I post, because if I try to answer a lot of comments about the state of Democratic politics and the political health of the US just right now, I will say things that will earn bans.


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