Jan. 24th, 2010

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I'm mending. A week and a weekend off of amlodipine, and I'm clearer-headed and in significantly better mood. This isn't to say I'm free of weakness or mood drops, just that the baseline and my recovery rate are both up. I've got a nasty headache at the moment, but I'm expecting it to pass. Hoping for more good developments this week.
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It's been a solid month now since I signed up, and I've given more or less all the combinations of powers that most appealed to me, and I find that I have two particular sweet spots.

#1. Masterminds. I love being able to sit back and command my minions to do the heavy lifting, while doing supplemental things. I love the pet classes in World of Warcraft, and this is that kind of thing except more so. My highest-level super now is Ada Phoenix, my robots/traps mastermind, and I've got a couple others coming along. They solo great, and they do pretty well in teams, too.

#2. Stalkers. Now, I'm not going to claim I'm actually any good at them. But I truly love stealth, and always have - my roster of favorite supers has always been a bit heavy on those who can escape normal barriers to movement and understanding. I'm dabbling with various power sets to see what's most fun for me in practice.

I'll be glad when Going Rogue comes out, though. The Rogue Isles are interesting enough but sometimes more than a touch gray. Mastermind and stalker powers plus Paragon City scenery will be nice.


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