Jan. 29th, 2010

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#1. I cratered badly on Wednesday and Thursday, the last couple days before my next testosterone shot. With my doctor's concurrence, I'm going to try half the dosage every week for a couple of weeks, rather than full dosage every other week, and see if the cratering can be diminished or outright dodged. Today's shot went smoothly. I don't expect to ever like injecting myself but I'm glad I can do it without fuss.

#2. I've got new glasses on order! I've been without some for several years—it's one of the things I lost track of updating while in my multi-year slump—but got a current prescription a few weeks back, and had money in hand, so I went shopping. I got the best service, really amazingly attentive and informative service, at the local Lenscrafters, so I bought from them. In a week or so I'll have a set of lineless bifocals in a simple silver half-frame, and will be glad.


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