Feb. 3rd, 2010

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I had a really productive exchange with a friend this morning.

I can articulate my major problem with WoW right now, and have touched on this in earlier posts, I think: stuff is either beyond a level of play I can push myself too right now, tied up in skills I lack and (sum of "don't wish to" and "cannot readily") acquire, or made too easy because I'm overgeared for them. And that seems not likely to change anytime soon.

But there's stuff I like doing along the way. Leveling up, trying old challenges in new ways, seeing nooks and crannies of the world I haven't much explored before, and so on. Somewhere I encountered the phrase "serial leveling" to describe a style of WoW play (and maybe other MMOs too, I wouldn't know), where you figure that once a character's hit the level cap and gone through as much endgame as you care for, you go start again with something else.

That may be just what I need. Gonna give it a try, I think, sometime soon.
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"Ceri, it's a dreary rainy day in Seattle. What do you do for fun on a February afternoon like this?"

"Why, I kill neo-Nazis with kung fu!"

Kung Fu versus Council

I don't do male characters very often, but I thought that some of the options for them in CoH looked interesting. I've got a female version of the same general power concept elsewhere, and both are great fun.


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