Feb. 6th, 2010

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Another Friday, another testosterone shot. Various things delayed it until mid-afternoon, and wow did I have a ugly midday crash. Not as bad as last week's, but not good at all. By evening I was back on track. I still don't want the stuff, but I can't at all deny the very real benefits in energy and mood.

(I strongly suspect I'd get a lot of the same relief from estrogen, but the more I read up on the risks to people with susceptibility to cancers and heart troubles, the more I can live with waiting on that some, hard as it sometimes is.)

My blood pressure continues to improve, not dramatically but pretty steadily. My weight isn't anywhere encouraging, but it's not getting any worse, and I figure that it's reasonable to wait at least a week or few more before worrying about that much, in light of all the other stuff going on.

My new glasses came in...with a lens flaw, so they're getting re-ground. Should have those by the end of this next week.

Coming up this week, dentistry. I'm expecting a mouthful of bad news; we'll see.


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