Feb. 9th, 2010

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I served out my suspension without particular complaint—as I said last week, I broke a rule and know I did, and don't object to them enforcing their rules. I object a lot to this exchange in the Trouble Tickets thread about it:

Eric Brennan: "In addition, it's pretty clear that given Cericonversion's "Waah, I'm packing up my crap and leaving" post two posts above the one Dan links to, he knew exactly what he was doing when he suicided by mod. So, I'm finding it hard to fault Dan, yet again."

Ragnarok_Engine: "She, please. Cericonversion is one of our trans posters, whose genders you seem to frequently confuse."

Eric Brennan: "I'll happily refer to her as she now that I know, but for the record I didn't even know who Cericonversion was before this thread. If somebody wants something other than a randomly assigned gender when I talk about them, I need a clear signal."

Cessna: "We don't keep dossiers on everyone's background. There are several thousand regular Users of this board. Do not get snippy because we can't remember all of them or details about their personal lives."

Several people: How about using "they"?

Eric Brennan: "For those people suggesting I use "they," I have gotten very angry complaints from at least two trans posters who complained I was being incredibly prejudiced. So, at this point, it's nothing personal, it's just the Internet and usernames and avatars fucking with you, not me. If I could psychically get this stuff right, believe me, I would. I genuinely hate to offend unintentionally."

Me, in this post: Oh, come on. My sig file's loaded up with links to trans-related information, and gender cues. It is not hard to spot, really. It's a matter of public record that Eric and perhaps other mods are really looking for excuses to ban more of the vocal TS and TG posters, and this is just not anything I care to put up with. Building a new persona hasn't been easy or comfortable a lot of the time, and I just don't need the tension of wondering when moderator transphobia may translate into more acts of erasure and silencing.

I'll look into other places to talk about what I've been yakking about there.

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New glasses! They're in. Soon's I can hook up with a ride—which is in the works as I type—I can go pick them up. Yay!

I neglected my vision needs, along with so much else, in my pre-outing years of isolation and sickness. I am now very much looking forward to seeing the world clearly again.


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