Feb. 10th, 2010

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There's some more preview info up about the new stuff coming for Battle.Net, and...I'll quote.

Battle.net's social networking and communication capabilities will be some of the service's biggest new features. This new social backbone for the entire service will seamlessly integrate friends lists, matchmaking, messaging, and more. Text and voice chat are now seamlessly interwoven into and out of the game, enabling communication whether you are in Battle.net or in-game playing StarCraft II. And as is the case with previous Blizzard Entertainment titles, you can form friendships with other characters on Battle.net while preserving your anonymity.

With the new Battle.net, we’re also introducing an entirely new concept called Real ID. With the Real ID feature, you are able to send invites and form friendships on Battle.net with your real-life friends and family. Real ID friends are mutual, which means that both sides need to agree to the friend request. Forming Real ID friends comes with its benefits. You will see your Real ID friends by their real name, along with any character they are logged in as. You will also be able to get rich presence information about what they are doing, send broadcast messages, and communicate cross-game between StarCraft II, Battle.net, and World of Warcraft.

And of course, Real ID is totally optional. By enabling this, you can set up your Blizzard Entertainment social network, communicate and play games, and best of all, carry your network forward to future Blizzard Entertainment titles.
With this and some other images (click it to see it full-sized):

So this is where I sigh. Sorry, but there are two distinct populations I have played WoW with, and I am willing to have one of them see my birth name and the other not. I don't really like the idea of needing to maintain two accounts to keep that up. I would much, much prefer something like City of Heroes' global handle, and I'm profoundly annoyed at Blizzard's enthusiasm for real-world names for this stuff.

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Hopefully my last skip week for a bit, but dentist this week, and still adjusting to medication changes, and there's no point. It's yo-yo-ing.


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