Feb. 15th, 2010

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I've actually done some Valentine's stuff on an alt, and in the course of that and talking with friends, I have a sharper sense of a particular source of frustration.

Overall difficulty is the one I'd already poked at: stuff is easier trivial or not really feasible, whether because of difficulty as such or requiring skills I lack. It was a combo of doing the Valentine's stuff as mentioned above and doing their counterparts in CoH that brought the other into focus to me: repeated effort for miniscule chance of reward. I don't mind repeated effort when it gets me something. But I feel worn about all the times I went for, say, Baron Rivendare's mount and never got it on any character, despite a cumulative hundreds of tries. 

I understand that similar setups exist in various parts of CoH, but I am far from them, so they don't matter to my experience right now.

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This was inspired by a robotic defender I grouped with named Force Field Drone. Meet a fire control/force field controller, Netnews XBot. 

"Priorities: #1. Protect the articles. #2. Distribute the articles. #3. Engage with fire all designated threats.

"History: 1994. Activation. 1999. Human civilization destroyed in nuclear war and megavolcanic eruption. Self lonely. 2010. Self encounters Portal Corporation explorers, follows them to this timeline's Paragon City. 2010. Self-deployment in service of priorities.


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