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 Someone at the studio really, really earned their writing pay one day...

A series of really well-done missions in the upper teens starts off with the PCs helping out Faultline, a young man whose supervillain father was apparently responsible for demolishing an entire district of the city, rescue his impetuous would-be heroine girlfriend, Fusionette. And rescue her again, and some more, in fact. Then we get to find out what was up with Faultline's father and a lot of other skullduggery, and it's satisfyingly epic stuff.

Then, a dozen or more levels later, they turn up again, in the Rikti War Zone. They get kidnapped, too, and there is rescue action, and they help out with the next set of challenges. In the middle of a very big battle inside a Rikti vessel, the comments in blue turn up:

Yes, someone thought to have the NPC couple chattering exactly the way PCs do on the side. I love that.


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PCs assisting Faultline, a young fellow whose supervillain father was evidently in charge of destroying a whole area of the city, save his rash would-be courageous woman sweetheart, Fusionette. At that point, Essay Writers at least twelve levels later, they turn up once more, in the Rikti War Zone. They get hijacked, as well, and there is save activity, and they assist with the following arrangement of difficulties.
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