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It turns out that pharmaceutical company Merck paid medical and scientific publisher Elsevier to put out several issues of a fake scientific journal, consisting entirely of reprinted and summarized articles. I'm not making this up. It's out there, to be cited by doctors who may or may not have any idea it's a fake. And it's clear that there are more than enough doctors and scientists willing to knowingly collaborate with them.

It's important for the rest of us to keep this in mind. When we go up against corporate power, and its political allies and lackeys, we're not going up against people acting in basically good faith stunted by ethical under-development and a culture that glorifies avarice. We're up against people who very consciously choose to perpetuate ongoing fraud for which there can be no excuse, no rationalizing. They lie, knowing that we will be hurt and regarding it as far less important than their revenues and profit margins. They're anti-human. They're bad people, not nice people, not confused people. They and their system are our enemies.

The beginning of liberation is the acknowledgement of truth, and the willingness to say "no" to evil. We have to keep doing that, in the face of this kind of thing. This isn't a fluke; this is only an episode that came to light to illuminate what they'd like to be standard practice.


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