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This post may come out sounding worse than I intend it to, so let me be clear at the outset: I'm not in trouble over this, and I'm not delivering a cry for help. I'm on track for good stuff, and just want to write down the not-so-good part of the process to get it off my chest.

Social time on Saturday! Really, really looking forward to it, too. I have a lot of friends I haven't seen in anywhere from three to six years, or have seen only very briefly, like when they drop off borrowed books and videos. It's so great to feel like being around other people in a group larger than two, and to feel that I can handle the trip across town safely, too.

Am I nervous? Am I fretful? Am I wading through torrents of psychosomatic distractions? You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment. Except I am. Drat. Well, in that case, yes to all three. I'm out to a few of the folks who'll be there; I don't expect it to be a topic of conversation, but there's always that to think about it on top of my usual worries about health issues.

I'll be really glad when I'm actually there having a good time. I may not be much use between now and then.
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"Well that's one way to get more women into our hobby. ;)"

I love my friends.
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Yesterday I got to spend time hanging out with an old friend. Or rather hanging in, perhaps, as he came over here. We spent several hours talking about our work, shared hobbies and their gossip, how entertaining my cat is when he's hard at play, and this and that and the other. It did me so much good. And one manifestation of that is that I slept better last night than I have in...years? A really long time, to be sure. I folded early, slept a good decent chunk of hours, got up, had breakfast and some puttering around time, and am preparing to go back for more soon. This is wonderful, and so very much what I needed.

I did not tell him about realizing I'm trans. When I do, he'll be good about it, because he just is. But this was time to catch up without adding anything new to the mix - reconnecting to goodness I already have.


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