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For a long time now I've had one portable air conditioner in the living room and the other in the bedroom. This works. Except that in this last long hot spell, I had to pretty well abandon the office, and two weeks of basically living in my bedroom got discouraging. I realized last night that it was reminding me of the years when I was pretty much bedbound for real.

The problem with air conditioning the office is a practical one: the air conditioner needs a place to vent to, through a hose that goes into a bracket for window mounting. I've been thinking of this as meaning that it needs a dedicated mounting, something I do at the start of summer and don't undo until fall, and that would cost me access to the back porch and yard if I did it in the office. It finally dawned on me today that it needn't be so, and sure enough, the carton the air conditioner came in provides a fine cover for the gap left between sliding door and frame, taping up and coming down without any fuss.

So now I'm back in my office, with air conditioning, and I am glad.


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