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I've decided to keep using Cat Tales for my Wow blogging - RSS feed available - and have the first post with images taken on my new computer, a Letter to Mr. C with tidbits from Icecrown Citadel instances and raid.
I'm loving having so much more RAM and processing power and disc space, and am arranging my handling of things like bloggable screenshots in a way that feels comfortable to me.

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Cognoscenti will have noticed that my current favorite userpic is a World of Warcraft character (a night elf druid, in particular). I've decided to take up WoW blogging as a regular thing separate from this journal—I have some WoW friends interested in what I think about the game who'd prefer not to deal with the tangle of disability and gender issues and all, and conversely some trans and trans-interested friends who don't give a hoot about MMOs. So if you want to see what I do in fantasyland, you can check out Cat Tales ( http://wowcattales.wordpress.com/ ; RSS feed http://wowcattales.wordpress.com/feed/ ).
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I recently put WoW on the shelf, but I find that I still have some things I'd like to get done with it. So I've taken it back off the shelf, and am experimenting with program controls to only let me at it for a limited window each day, in a particular chunk of morning time that's never productive for me, and in a late-night slot that's very seldom productive.

This is my plan: I want one character of each armor type, of a sort I find beautiful. So I made a night elf hunter and a blood elf rogue, and got each of them in guilds associated with a roleplaying game forum where I have a goodly number of friends. That leaves me with (likely) a draenei warrior and a forsaken or blood elf warlock to make somewhere, not necessarily right away. But I'm curious: anyone want to recommend a trans-friendly guild for either side? RP server by preference, but I'd go regular for a good group. (I don't do PVP servers.)

I know of at least one fine general-purpose guild that's all around decent, and since it's on Australian time, it'd be good for the late-night slot. But I'm really looking for places to hang my notional hat where I can count on relaxing about sex and gender stuff. I know of a couple LGBT-oriented guilds that are in practice heavy on gay guys given to innuendo, and that's not what I'm looking for, either. So recommendations would be welcome.

(Guild considerations: I have no plans to raid at this time, particularly with starting fresh all around. When I do, I would much prefer 10-person to 25.)


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