Feb. 19th, 2010

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So here I am in a super group I've had some good play with, with an interesting setup, doing the first of their biweekly meetings I've been able to attend, and there are parallel in-character and out-of-character discussions...

And inspired by a stray remark that distinguished sex and gender, one of the guys bursts out with "I HATE SIMONE!!!" We were then treated to a harangue about how Simone de Beauvoir had invented the sex/gender distinction to make life hard for Jean-Paul Sartre in revenge for him ditching her, and how every use of that terminology is, whether we know it or not, traceable back to her bitter scheme.

After a bit of this, I spoke up and said, "I'm transgendered and it is not about de Beauvoir at all, it's about the lived experience, and what it takes for a sane and healthy life, and about how cultures deal with biology." After a bit more of this, I said that this is not something up for debate, and bailed out.

It's kind of a shame, in that I was really enjoying the company of other folks in the super group. They include several people with relatively old-school fannish sorts of acculturation and interests. But it only takes one such loser to make a place unsafe, and it's clear that they weren't going to toss him for being horrifying to me and threatening to my well-being. So out I went.

What a drag.

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I'm having a lot of fun with this one. She's an illusion/radiation controller, and the ability to make bad people fight each other is always good times for me. She also has a good solid roleplaying super group: she's a history professor turned mutant rights activist, after her lifelong very minor mutant powers ramped up sharply in the wake of being attacked by a Rikti artifact. So she's an adjunct instructor at a Paragon City school for young mutants while pursuing her own career of direct action.

The look delights me. That's the wedding tux in white and silver, with blue boots, the stealth gloves in blue and white, blue tech belt, and of course blue and white tech helm. (I mention these things because apparently I'm getting some results out of the costume creator that some of my veteran player friends are curious about.)

I figured I was reasonably well qualified to play someone with immune problems, and that they hit some classic comic book mutant vibes. It's possible that future storylines could lead to her being able to breathe the air and have it touch her skin again; if so, I'll work out what she looks like underneath.

The A-Team

Feb. 19th, 2010 10:40 am
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OMG. Allandaros, thank you.



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