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Is there a general best practice when it comes to posting one's fanfic - in one's regular journal, in a separate one, wherever? Is this a thing that varies with community, or is it just all over the place?
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 Stories I'm thinking about lately:

#1. No fanfic to any specific source material, but...the story of a vampire, of the semi-classic "being undead means you really truly can't have a conscience anymore" sort, trying to be moral for the sake of newfound love, and it crashing and burning. The sort of thing that'd make a good opera libretto.

#2. An extended dance remix of the concept in the old X-Men/Spider-Man story where Kulan Gath transforms New York City into its Hyborian equivalent for a while. In the remix, the transformation is global and goes on longer. I'm envisioning Hyborian sorcerers struggling with modern villains for control of the reality-shaping gimmick, because I can really imagine Dick Cheney fancying a throne of skulls and a host of slaves.

#3. Legion by Gaslight. In the general ambience of Batman By Gaslight, a steampunk rendering of the Legion of Super-Heroes that would aim not to gloss over the realities around neat gizmos and costumes.

#4. Marvel Engendered. Serious self-indulgence here: genuine super-powers, the innate mutant kind, are restricted to women; supers are part of Gaia's defensive counter to the Celestials and the union of sky gods. 

#5. Celestials vs. the New Pulp. Jack Kirby's Celestials, or something rather like them, versus latter-day pulp heroes like the Hong Kong Cavaliers and MacGuyver.

#6. Master of Kung Fu: The Next Generation. More or less normal folks doing good in the midst of high weirdness. Leverage with more kung fu.

Now to set some priorities.


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