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Ever have one of those days where you feel like you'd like to blog but nothing much is coming? Let's throw stuff against the wall at the back of this screen and see what sticks.

I continue to come out to more friends, and to meet with more encouraging responses. That's very happy-making.

It's very hot for Seattle again, but our heat advisory is supposed to end tonight with lowering temperature and changing airflow to break up congestion. I am pleased that I came through today with many fewer heat trauma sorts of problems, thanks to better preparation. I'm really looking forward to some cooler days, though.

I get to do some retro-raiding with my beloved night elf death knight this week and next, and will get my first look at Mt. Hyjal (this week) and a second look at Black Temple (next week). Better late than never. :)

The Pet Shop Boys' new album, Yes, is a delight.

I did some paying writing this week I'm proud of. Those who know my birth name have seen me comment about it elsewhere. (And if you're a regular reader who doesn't but would like to know, drop me a line privately. I'll explain why I need to keep the public separation up and kick it around some. I'm aiming to hide no more than I have to for a couple key reasons.)

I'm continuing to assemble goals for the summer and the rest of the year for feminine presentation. At this point it's more or less the basics of cross-dressing, in practical terms, but then there is a lot of good advice available about that these days, and I'll be glad to have more progress to show and talk about. Voice practice continues productively.

I'm very pleased at the pace with which I'm getting (re-)established in communities that matter to me, like sf/f/h fandom and rolegaming, as Ceri. It's been a good opportunity to build new bridges and let some old less-than-satisfactory connections drop, and I'm intensely satisfied and honored at the quality of response I've been getting on my participation. This includes the times when people poke me with the clue stick, when I have it coming, because I'd rather know I need to improve than not.

And that's all for this roundup, I think.


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