Apr. 8th, 2010

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Not abducted by aliens yet, just having a busy time.

I got to host Mom for an Easter weekend visit, and it went really well. Neither of us is having a super-abundance of good news on a lot of fronts, but we had the time to visit and get to understand just how it is we're both doing and to talk through a whole lot, make some plans, weigh options, and have some fun along the way. Mom got to spend some time too with company she very much enjoys, and that's always good for her morale - too much isolation is a nasty drag when you're stuck with it rather than choosing it.

Next week, on the 15th, I have lasers ablating me! That is, the vascular surgery on my left leg to fix damaged vessels. As I understand it, my circulatory system isn't actually leaking right now, but the treatment will make it so that it won't be able to leak in the future, should I have any more vascular setbacks. That works for me. Dealing with the compression stockings is No Fun, but that's life, sometimes.

Spring is being gorgeous in Seattle this year. Lots of sun, lots of rain, some really dramatic wind. Looking forward to getting out of my current malaise and back to more activity.


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