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It's been ages, hasn't it? But I have been taking pictures, and feel like sharing a couple.

Buds by *Cericonversion on deviantART

Blossoms by *Cericonversion on deviantART
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There's been some great ice in Seattle lately. It's very wet, and it condenses in the wee hours into thick, layered, intricate designs. Four frosty objects and one sky, for your viewing pleasure, behind the cut tag.

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Flashlit leaf, 1 by *Cericonversion on deviantART

Flashlit leaf, 2 by *Cericonversion on deviantART

The shadow in the lower right in both cases is the camera lens. I decided that I kind of like the effect.
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It's going to get unpleasantly hot again next week they tell us, but for right now, life is good.

Rainy Roof by *Cericonversion on deviantART

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Today's theme is pink flowers. There were some very pretty ones on each of my last couple daytime walks, and each walk one of these pictures came home with me.

Pink flowers by *Cericonversion on deviantART

Pink flower by *Cericonversion on deviantART
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Downtown Seattle and Puget Sound presented themselves very fetchingly today, so I fetched pictures: the central library (including its very mad-science book return system), neat ornamentation, the local fjord, and Mt. Rainier.

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This time I'm planning with last week's upsets in mind, and expecting some more in this coming week's appointments.

# Prepare notes and questions for counselor and doctor sessions. Go feeling prepared.
# Choose places to eat after Wednesday and Friday appointments. Enjoy two meals out.
# Shop for some shorts in preparation for time with compression devices. Allow myself one clothing indulgence.
# Check out vascular specialists; go to Friday appointment with a reaction and preference.
# Get clothes ready for donation to Goodwill donated.
# Read three books purely for pleasure, with no thought of work relevance.
# Do 5 hours' free writing, with no topicality constraints at all.
# Fight down the urge to do anything about Project N this week, except maybe finishing the research reading in progress. Respect the stress, dammit.
# Take 5 pictures I want to share.

And that should do it for this week.


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