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Cautionary note: I'm a Mac fan. Efforts to fight OS wars here or even just sneer at my computing tastes will get nuked without a second thought and repeated offenders barred. There are places I'm quite willing to discuss such things, but my personal journal isn't one of them unless a specific post says otherwise. Now then.  

Something's nastily broken when it comes to iPod Touch wifi in iPhone OS 3.0.  It's not just me - there's a thread on the Apple support forums up to 21 pages tonight, with dozens of folks from all around the world documenting the same problems (inability to connect at all, instability of any connections that can be made) and the temporary-at-best nature of fixes from router replacements to jiggling various connectivity settings. There's a 3.1 beta in the works, but in the meantime, there's just nothing that seems to work.

So, like a lot of others, I rolled back to iPhone OS 2.2. Sure enough, everything works like a charm. Well, a handle of apps that are now 3.0-only won't run, but presumably that's a temporary loss. But when the next update is out, I'm sure going to wait and watch before adopting.

In the meantime, though, it's nice to have my handheld doing all its stuff again.


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