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Down 0.2 pounds. *sigh*

But this is a case where the weekly snapshot doesn't tell the whole story. On Thursday, two days after the last weekly number, I was down two pounds. Then I got hit by a day and some of nasty detoxing effects from the fat burning, followed by a couple of days of nasty reactions to the spike in temperatures we got on the weekend. I'm coming back down from that - a graph would show a nice slope, and since I seem to have a good routine for keeping myself cool as may be right now, I expect the slope to stay down, and that the week 3 snapshot will show the overall picture better. This is like doing a mileage calculation with a flat tire. :)

I also find that I've taken two inches off my thighs, and one off my chest. No change yet in waist, neck, upper arm, or calf measurements. But of those...my arms and lower legs are in pretty good shape overall, and I already knew that the belly bloat complications at waist level would likely be slowest to improve.

I'm doing well on the process, too. I ate good foods in good amounts this week, and genuinely didn't feel any real urge to go do something stupid and diet-breaking. So I can keep that up, with a modification on amounts to avoid another nasty fat-burning-triggered detoxing ugh, and look for good results.

Once again, I got graphs.


Steps taken, total (blue) and aerobic (that is, taken in continuous stretches of 10 minutes or more, green):

Distance walked, in miles:


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